LISP - Laboratório de Informática, Sistemas e Paralelismo

LISP - Laboratory of Informatics, Systems and Parallelism

The LISP research unit is new and builds on the strengths of its individual researchers, providing a framework for collaborative work. LISP core topics include high-performance declarative computing, natural language understanding, information retrieval and legal reasoning, formal methods for code integrity, security and cloud computing. Application-wise, LISP projects target resource planning and optimisation in health informatics, natural resources and transportation, also business intelligence and computer forensics.
Besides the three universities, LISP also integrates the Beja Polytechnic Institute, further extending its regional coverage and researcher pool.
 PHD Programmes
All three universities promote PhD programmes in Computer Science, for which the collaboration among members of the laboratory is paramount. These benefit from student mobility in Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus Plus networks.

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University of Évora | LISP
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