Seminário ICT - MADEIRA ISLAND: 10 years after the torrential rains

MADEIRA ISLAND: 10 years after the torrential rains

Flavio Couto: Investigador Auxiliar, ICT, Universidade de Évora


On February 20, 2010, Madeira island was affected by a tragic event of extreme precipitation in which flash floods induced several landslides in the southern region. The event was marked by huge economical damage estimated in millions of euros, and more than 40 deaths. The seminar brings some advancements in knowledge of heavy precipitation events (HPE) in Madeira found in the last decade. The presentation will show how different events may occur, since the formation or enhancement of the precipitation over the island is totally dependent on the geographic aspects and atmospheric conditions associated with each precipitating event.

Em 26.02.2020
14:30 | Anfiteatro 1 | Colégio Luís António Verney
Fonte: GabCom | UÉ